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One (1) Used Coastal Model 425-6-039-85, 20-Knife, High Speed, 4-Side, Planer Matcher. 4” x 25” capacity. Hydraulic drive with three (3) 40 HP pumps and one (1) 60 HP pump. Six (6) 14”-diameter feedrolls. Water-cooled long guide. Hydraulic roll tensioning. Air chipbreakers. Chromed rolls, bedplates, chipbreakers, and guides. Click on link for photos. Also included is a 20’-long Coastal Double Pineapple Planer Infeed Table, with live bridge, an angled slowdown outfeed belt, tooling, and some spare parts. No Starters. Top Head 200 HP (two 100 HP motors); Bottom Head 100 HP; Left Sidehead 100 HP; Right Sidehead 60 HP; All motors are 460-volts.
One (1) Used COASTAL 16K High Speed Planer-Matcher Machine completely dismantled, sand blasted, all new bearings, gears and sprockets. Tophead 100 Hp; 50 & 40 H.P. on side heads; 50 H.P. on bottom head; capacity:10’’ x 6’’; double pineapple 14" dia. planer infeed table for 16 foot lumber; speed-up table and all electric control panels; slow down belt (decelerator); 575 volt motors. Also includes 75 HP AC electric variable speed drive. Rebuilt Coastal 16 knife planer - 2 x 50 H.P. on top head; 50 & 40 H.P. on side heads; 50 H.P.
Coastal High Speed 16-Knife Stud Planer 4” X 8” capacity. Hydraulic driven feedrolls No. 1 taper sidehead spindles. Knurled and chromed feedrolls. Air chip breakers. Top Head 100HP (2-50HP), Bottom Head 50HP, Left Sidehead 50HP, Right Sidehead 25HP 220-440/3/60 With S/R double pineapple in-feed table, Bridge, Spare parts, ready to run. Ref No 9077
Friulmac Randomat
One (1) 2003 Friulmac Randomat-E Inline End Matcher. High speed CNC controlled end matcher. 9-13/16" X 1-3/16" maximum stock capacity. 208 V 3-phase. Feed speeds to 12-pieces per minute of random length material. Recently inspected by Friulmac technician and deemed 100% functional. Appears in near new condition. Includes more than $40,000. worth of Dehart carbide tooling and cutterheads.
Newman Model 990 High Speed Planer Matcher. 16-Knife top and bottom cutterheads. 8” X 15” capacity. Left hand configuration. Hydraulic feedroll drive with speeds up to 1,400 feet per minute*. Motors are 460 volts, 60 Hz, 3,450 RPM. Package includes Newman M-455 Hydraulic Operated Double Pineapple Planer Infeed Table, 10’ Live Bridge Section, Wagner (2005) Apex Moisture Meter with spray system, 10’ planer outfeed belt with drive, 9’ X 14’ outfeed slowdown belt, 200 HP hydraulic power unit, operator’s controls, and two (2) pairs of sideheads. No motor starters.
One (1) Used 1984 Newman Model M-990 High Speed Hydraulic Driven Planer Matcher. 20-Knife Top and Bottom 13-3/8” c.c. Cutterheads. 6” X 15” capacity. 400 to 1400 FPM variable feed speeds. Air chipbreakers. Hydraulic roll tensioning. Duramax hydraulic motors direct driving feedrolls. Hydraulic power unit with three (3) motors, pumps, and a cooler. Top head has been retrofitted with new design chipbreaker and hood assembly. Brakes on all cutterheads. Left sidehead has quick release. Includes jointers and side cutterheads. Does not include motor control center. Top Head 150 HP; Bottom Head 75 HP; Left Sidehead 75 HP; Right Sidehead 50 HP.
Stetson Ross
Stetson Ross 4A4, Serial # 1209, 8” x 24” capacity, 40/20 HP side heads,100 HP single motor top and bottom heads.4440/3/60 Flat belt drive (heads)20 HP VFD feed drive motor. All antiftiction bearings This machine had $20K or so in upgrades in 1999
Stetson Ross complete mill
One (1) only complete planning mill: Planer No1. Consisting of: Five arm tilt hoist, 30ft infeed deck, S/R heavy duty feed table, Stetson-Ross 6-12-A1, 16 kn. Double profile Planer, feed mrt, slow dn belt, green chain, blower system, side heads/spare profiles, MCCs, Starters, trim saws, packaging line. Planer no.2. Consisting of: Infeed tilt hoist, infeed deck, S/R high speed feed table, Stetson-Ross 6-10A1, 12 knife, double profile planer, feed motor, green chain, blower system, cutter heads and grinder, packaging system, MCCs, motor starters. Complete mill.
One (1) Used Stetson-Ross Model 6-12-A1 8” X 15” 10-Knife Motorized Planer Matcher with Cartridge Double Profiler. Hydraulic upper feed roll tensioning with 3 HP hydraulic power unit lifts the feedrolls when a gap in the lumber flow occurs allowing the next board to enter the rolls in an open position. This is important when using the soft polyurethane quick-change rolls currently on this planer. Top Head 80 HP (two 40 HP motors) Bottom Head 40 HP Left Sidehead 40 HP Right Sidehead 25 HP Top Profile 40 HP Bottom Profile 25 HP Hoist Motors (4) Ύ HP each All motors are 440 Volts. Motorized hoist for top infeed rolls, top head, top profile, and top outfeed rolls. Bed plates, rolls, guides, and chip breakers are chrome plated. Package also includes a later model Stetson-Ross heavy duty 505 double pineapple feed table with bridge plate and hold down shoe, a 11’ X 18” wide outfeed belt conveyor with variable speed drive, six pairs of Sideheads, four (4) profile cartridges, jointers, and wrenches.
One (1) Used Stetson-Ross Model 6-10-A1 Motorized Planer Matcher, 8" x 25" capacity, 12-knife top and bottom cutterheads, cartridge double profiler, power hoist on top head, top profile, infeed rolls and outfeed rolls. Chromed rolls, bedplates, guides, and chipbreakers. Sidehead spindles are Stetson-Ross No. 1 taper. Planer furnished complete with two (2) pair of sideheads, two (2) standard profile cartridges, jointers, knife setting gauges, wrenches, and service manual. Original starting panel. Top Head 60 HP (two 30 HP motors); Bottom Head 30 HP; Left Sidehead 30 HP; Right Sidehead 15 HP; Top Profile 30 HP; Bottom Profile 15 HP; All motors are 440-volt, 3-phase, 60-cycle.
Woods Planer System - Woods model 415M planer, 4 head, 10 knife, 30" cut, top and bottom. - Three-arm til-hoist with 7 1/2 hp gear motor feed system. - General Machinery Co. infeed system - Hanchett knife grinder model DN-38. - Green Chain.
One (1) Used Woods Model 503M, 4-Head Narrow Lumber Planer Matcher,. 4” x 8” capacity. 14-knife top and bottom cutterheads, with top head being a “quick-change” unit on a tapered spindle. New bearings and balanced rotors on both top and bottom cutterheads. Sidehead spindles are No. 2 taper. Top infeed rolls are knurled and chromed. Bottom infeed is a slat bed with fluted chromed slats. Feed speeds up to 500 FPM. Motors are 440-volts. Includes one pair of sideheads, jointers, and wrenches. Also includes a Woods Heavy-Duty Pineapple Planer Infeed Table. Top Head 75 HP; Bottom Head 40 HP; Left Sidehead 40 HP; Right Sidehead 25 HP; Feedroll Drive-Optional.
One (1) Used Woods #412M 6” by 24” 4-Head Planer/Matcher. 6-knife round heads. Maximum height 6” by 24” wide. has not been used in many years. Weight is over 20,000 lbs. Must supply rigger expense.Great parts machine
YATES Planer-Matcher, model A-25, 8 x 15” motorized machine with 10 knife heads. Includes Yates pineapple feed table, blow pipe up to blower, starters, controls and some side heads. Top head 75 Hp, Bottom 50 Hp, Side heads: 50 – 25 HpLocated in SE
Yates American
Yates American A-20-12, 8 x 15" cap Motorized Planer Matcher, 8 knives, double profile, in and out feed tables, jointers, heads, manifold, 440 volt Excellent condition.
Yates American
One (1) Used Yates-American Model A-62, 6-Head, 12-Knife, 8” x 20”, Motorized Planer Matcher, with double profile. Western Roller soft upper feedrolls to help with cupped boards and provide positive feeding. Chromed bedplates, chipbreakers, and guides. Top and bottom cutterheads are chromed. Also includes jointers, 6-pair of sideheads, wrenches, suction hoods, suction manifold, Yates-American 20’ Model F-24 single pineapple planer infeed table, with pull-in shaft and gear-motor. Top Head 70 HP (two 35 HP motors; Bottom Head 35 HP; Left Sidehead 35 HP; Right Sidehead 25 HP; Bottom Profile 40 HP; Top Profile 25 HP; Feed Motor 75 HP DC.
One (1) Used 1996 Yates A-95 High Speed 20-Knife Removable Cutterhead 6-Head Planer Matcher. 6” X 13” capacity with top and bottom profile units, hydraulic feed roll drive, right (8) feedrolls, 480V TEFC motors, 22’ Double Pineapple Planer infeed table, live bridge section, air chip breakers, hydraulic roll tensioning, control console, Allen Bradley PLC, approximately ninety (90) spare top, bottom, and side quick change 20-knife cutterheads, and 16’ long outfeed discharge belt. Appears in good condition.
Yates-American Model A-62 6-Head 8” X 24” Motorized Planer Matcher, 10-Knife top and bottom cutterheads. Chromed bed plates, rolls, chip breakers, and guides. Motorized double profiler (5th. & 6th. spindles). Top Head 80HP (two 40HP motors)
One (1) Used Yates-American Model A-20 Motorized 8” X 15” Planer Matcher. 10-Knife top and bottom cutterheads. All ball bearing construction. All motors are 440V, 60 Hz but will operate without problem on 380V, 50 Hz. Bed plates, guides, and fluted infeed rolls are chrome plated; Feed Speeds to 400 feet per minute. Includes jointers, wrenches, operator’s manual,suction hoods, three pairs of sideheads, and Yates-American Model F-25 Single Pineapple Planer Infeed Table. Planer appears in very good condition and was not used in primary production. Parts for the A-20 are stocked by the Yates-American factory and are not expensive, making this model very popular. Top Head 40 HP (two 20 HP motors), Bottom Head 20 HP, Left Sidehead 20 HP, Right Sidehead 15 HP, Feedrolls 40 HP